Environmental Artist – Unity

Come help us make a 2D beat em up about ninja cheerleaders from outer space!

We’re looking for a passionate, friendly environmental artist who is familiar with tiling in Unity. Someone who loves the sidescrolling arcade games of the 90’s, like X-Men, Turtles in Time and The Simpsons.


– Able to create repeatable ground, building, and scenery tiles that appear natural and are not inherently obvious of their repeating nature.

– Able to create parallax assets and stitch them together.

– Familiarity working in level design tools.

– Competent at creating non-tiling individual assets (trees, buildings, doors, background scenery, etc).

– Able to work closely with gameplay level designers, character artists, narrative designers, and writers.

– Examples of prior games they have made. On this one, I’m looking for proof that their stuff looks in good in motion.

– Familiarity doing environment design inside of Unity3D.

– Familiarity with Unity’s tile brush.

– Work can be found in a released product.

Gylee Games is an independent game development studio located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our goal is to build huge worlds with small games that focus on narrative, character development and cinematic art.

If you’re interested, please email with your portfolio, cover letter and a dad joke. Thanks!