Our Approach

Gylee Games believes in building big worlds. We create fascinating characters that develop and grow over time. We also believe in games that can be enjoyed in smaller chunks, not requiring hundreds of hours, but a delightful experience in short bursts.

Meet the Team

A bunch of nerds who loves games and big worlds got together to make something.

Chris Bergman

Chris Bergman has been building companies for the past 10 years. His previous company, FamilyTech, delighted millions of families by giving kids farting monsters for completing chores. Chris is a proud dad of his two boys, Guy and Lee, and is the husband of Nicole Bergman.

Denver Coulson

Denver Coulson has been making games for the past 10 years. His last game, Pocket Run Pool, with Zach Gage, launched on the app store in 2018. Denver lives in Cincinnati with his wife Robyn and his pup.

Gray Shuko

Gray is a mystery. He previously worked on World of Warcraft and Overwatch.